The Flavor Apprentice TFA/TPA – Vanilla Swirl Flavor



Water soluble.

Taste description:

Smooth sweet cream with a sharp vanilla, and a lite buttery finish.
It will remind you of eating a vanilla popsicle, or light vanilla pudding.
this is a great accent cream rounding out any ice cream recipe. Heavy enough to be part of the base, but not potent enough to be a top note.

Ingredients: Natural Flavors, Propylene Glycol.

Percentage :

Single Flavor %5-%10

Mixed %1-%5

Additional information

Weight N/A

15 ML Repacked, 30 ML Repacked, 60 ML Repacked, 125 ML Repacked, 250 ML Repacked, 500 ML Sealed, 1 Gallon Sealed

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