Capella Creamy Yogurt Flavor Concentrate



Taste description:

Creamy yogurt isn’t too far off. Light, slightly sour. Relatively subtle, at least compared to FA Yogurt and FLV Greek Yogurt. Has some of the chalkiness you’d expect but doesn’t cross the line into straight butryic rancid.

This is the part where I say that I’m not usually a fan of yogurts. When they run warm, it gets super weird super quickly. I’m willing to call this a pretty good yogurt option for people who don’t really like yogurts. While it doesn’t sound like a ringing endorsement, the fact that the flavor here runs towards cheese and not vomit is huge, for me at least.

At 4%, this is pretty full-flavored without being overwhelming. S&V testing, this seems pretty recognizable at about 2%. Taking this up higher is definitely not for me. I’d use this as a base, probably with other creams. I’d suggest 1-2% to add just a bit of funk to a otherwise creamy base. If you want to go full yogurt, then 4% seems like the play.

This really does strike me as a more mellow version of FLV Brie Cheese.

Water soluble.

Percentage :

Single Flavor %3-%5

Mixed %1-%3

Additional information

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