Capella Butter Cream Flavor Concentrate



Taste description:

A subtle, under sweet, buttercream frosting flavor. When I’ve made actual buttercream frosting I’ve always been surprised by how waxy and fatty-tasting it actually is. Then I double the sugar and just go to fat-kid heaven. This captures the feeling of an under sweetened homemade buttercream almost perfectly.

Dense inhale. No real discernible flavor, just a heavy richness. Exhale is more of the same. Light sweetness, dense creamy flavor without pronounced dairy notes. I don’t taste a ton going on here. I’d classify this more as a mouthfeel additive as opposed to a flavor. It gives the impression of buttery richness without cheesy dairy notes. It also doesn’t give me that stale cardboard taste that you can get with dense flavors that don’t have a lot going on. Finish is relatively clean, with just a lingering thick waxy mouthfeel.

Water soluble.

Percentage :

Single Flavor %3-%5

Mixed %1-%3

Additional information

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15 ML Repacked, 30 ML Repacked, 60 ML Repacked, 125 ML Repacked, 250 ML Repacked, 500 ML Sealed

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