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We brought to you the best flavoring supplies and all you need to make your premium liquid at home without needing to pay more much money for ready made e liquid

Within our markets, a lot of resellers are appeared to sell the same products we have  but its away different to buy from the source importer and just reseller who sell after after buying from us
With us you got the best and finest products and best support for a lot lower and cheaper prices we are the first importer in Egypt for flavors and we try hard to keep our self in the top notch of the market
With eFlavorz you will get the best products for the cheapest prices

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Discover Martfury’s Journey

January 2014
Gets launched as online martketplace for e liquid supplier in Egypt.
May 2015
We become the first and best online website for selling flavors
December 2016
We got all the flammable edition of all flavors
February 2017
Our site went offline for sometime
November 2018
We are getting back to take our place in the top of market