The Flavor Apprentice TFA/TPA – Berry Cereal Flavor



Water soluble.

Taste description:

Bright and airy berry mix over a grainy, sugary, almost buttery bit of something crunchy hinting at dry cereal. I wouldn’t call it a 1:1 to the actual cereal it mimics, but it is pretty damn close. This flavor also seems to get pretty intense at higher temps.
This flavor begs to be paired with something creamy or milky. A dash or two of your favorite fruit(s) would also help turn it up a notch.
This isn’t a great standalone but it does make for a great additive in a recipe. The grainy note tends to be barely noticeable with most dairy/cream additions.

Ingredients: Artificial Flavor, Propylene Glycol, Water

Percentage :

Single Flavor %4-%8

Mixed %1-%5

Additional information

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